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Talent Acquisition For the California Building Industry

We have been helping the Northern California Building Industry reduce their time to hire and increase company revenue by delivering A + Talent with Surgical Precision and pulling people out of bad jobs since 1997.

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Angel Ahumada

Looking For Top BUILDER Talent To Join Your Team?

Are you leading a BUILDING company and struggling to find the right people to surround yourself with?

In this talent scarce market, it is easy to fall behind your competitors that have internal recruiting teams attracting top talent to their business. Often times they are coming after your team members and they don’t struggle with staffing for special projects. You don’t have the time to staff the right talent to get those important projects moving in the right direction because you are doing your job leading that project; and that's the exact opportunity I saw 20 years back, Owners/CEOs couldn’t keep up with project staffing demand, and I had a unique ability thru a surgical process to attract California Building candidates. The industry was booming and there was the need for someone to fill that Talent Acquisition void.

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